Every child learns and grows in a unique way and we do our best at Community UMC to meet their needs. We are excited to announce our upcoming sensory space for children, available in January 2018! This space will be a place for children to take a break from scheduled church activities, including but not limited to Worship, Sunday School, and Children’s Church. Children entering this space will have a variety of opportunities to exercise, relax, and regroup before joining their peers. All children will be accompanied by an adult “Buddy” trained on our equipment and the needs of the child with whom they are paired.

Our Sensory Space will be filled with:

  • Isolation headphones
  • Activity Mat
  • Tunnel
  • Cloud Canopy
  • Balance board
  • Visual countdown timer
  • Light filters
  • Putty
  • Pom poms & tweezers
  • Plastic nuts & bolts
  • Boardmaker cards

More equipment on its way, including cube chairs and a sensory exploration table.

If you would like to tour this space with your child, please contact Beth Hagemeyer.