Jr. Mission Trip(s)


This is will be our second-year having a Jr. High Mission Trip here at CUMC.  Last year we went to Newark, New York with Group Mission Trips and served the people of that community.  Whether it was painting, planting or playing or it was building, talking or witnessing…we had a blast there with the people of Newark and the three other churches who attended with us.  And it wasn’t only about serving others, we also learned a lot about serving ourselves spiritually.  We learned that God has made us something beyond ordinary, we are extraordinary. Mission trips are a great way to spread the love of God by preaching the gospel and using no words at all.

Each year we try and have a day of fun.  Last year’s was a day at Progressive Field, watching, the AL Champs, the Cleveland Indians pay the Chicago White Sox.

Summer Worktrip 2018

Saturday, July 8, 2018 – Saturday, July 13, 2018

Chicago, IL

Junior School Youth including those entering 6th grade (as of August 2018) and High School Seniors who are entering 9th grade (as of May 2018)

$50 per student

UCRP Kids Camp

Return with check by Jul 1 2018

Contact Rev Nick Nicholas or 630 291 1380

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