Accessibility Audit

Is your church accessible to those using wheelchairs, walkers or with other mobility challenges?

  • There are two entrances on the ground floor that have button activated auto-openings
  • All three floors can be accessed via an elevator
  • All restrooms have an accessible stall
  • The Sanctuary can be accessed from a ramp from the hallway leading to the platform entrance

Does your church provide large print worship materials such as Bibles, bulletins, and hymn sheets and/or projection on screens?

  • Online stream is available
  • A hearing loop is installed for those with hearing needs
  • A projection screen is used for all services

Does your church provide hearing assistance via personal devices or hearing loop?

  • Hearing Loop is installed
  • Personal hearing devices are also available

Does your church offer special accessibility ministry services such as sign language interpretation?

  • Sign language interpreters are available by request

Does your church offer any special ministry programs such as support groups ( i.e. grief; divorce, mental illness, AA)

  • There are eight AA groups that meet weekly
  • STARS (Spiritual Time And Renewal for Survivors) is designed to provide a safe and caring structured opportunity for survivors, their caregivers, and interested others to participate in a program specifically designed to address the spiritual needs of these individuals [more…]
  • We have two off-site services where these services enrich the lives of the participants by helping them to meet their spiritual needs while enjoying the camaraderie of attending a religious service with other residents [more]

Does your church have a fully handicap accessible restroom(s)?

  • All restrooms on all floors have extra-large single-user stall
  • All restroom fixtures can be reached or accessed from a wheelchair