Bricks & Mortar FAQ

Bricks & Mortar FAQ

Since September 26, the Building Committee has been collecting questions about our upcoming Building Project.  These questions with their answers are listed below. If you have other questions not answered here or would like to talk to someone privately, feel free to contact Dale.


Frequently Asked Questions

The PADS shower was not listed in the brochure – still included in Phase 1?

The PADS shower was not one of the overall building program renovations that was included in the first phase approved by the Aurora District Committee on Church Location and Building. See the Building Committee article in the April 1, 2015 issue of Tidings. It was also not one of the renovations to be completed in phase 1 which the congregation approved on April 14.

Do we know what the new AV area in the balcony will look like?

We do not. The balcony renovation is not being done in phase 1 so the design of the new AV area has not been completed.

When the entire building program is completed, will there be as much lighting overhead as we have presently?

Yes. Assuming the question relates to the lighting in the sanctuary, the current renovation plan does not call for any change in the sanctuary’s overhead lighting.