The next STARS (Spiritual Time And Renewal after Stroke) will meet on Thursday, July 10.   We begin with a 30 minute spiritual service followed by separate support groups for survivors and caregivers.

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, today, July 3 is the first day of the “dog days of summer”, named after Sirius, the Dog Star which rises before the Sun in the summer.   This event traditionally alerts us to the fact that we will be in for some hot weather during the next 40 days….as if we needed a star to tell us this!

We will be talking about how important it is for us to stay in the moment and not borrow trouble from the past or expect trouble in the future.  Christina del Toro, Ph.D., CCC-SLP has indicated that she will be available to meet with our caregivers and answer questions that they may have.  Our survivor group learned a great deal from her about apahasia and other language difficulties after stroke during our last support group!

We hope you can join us. Our group begins gathering at 1:15pm at Community United Methodist Church, 20 North Center Street in Naperville. The Support groups begin at 2pm. Come for the service or the support groups ….or both!   Let us know by Monday, July 7 if you need child care so we can make arrangements.

I have attached June’s Caregiver Newsletter provided by Joan Guest, MSW from Samaritan Interfaith.  I hope you find it useful.

Stay Cool!


Sylvia Kupferer, MS, RN (Retired)
Facilitator, Senior Outreach