Beginning May 2, 2016, Community UMC will be conducting asbestos removal in the building. Specifically, some old heating pipe insulation in the hall, offices, and parlor, along with floor tile in the offices and Room 102 will be addressed. Abatement will be conducted using Ill. Dept. of Public Health licensed contractors and air monitoring personnel. The area will be sealed, negative air pressure established where needed, and the air monitored before, during and after the project. Air clearance tests will be conducted after the project and the results placed in the asbestos project report. Admittance to these areas will be permitted only when the air clearance results are known to be as specified by the Ill. Dept. of Public Health. As a matter of record the report as well as the original asbestos inspection report may be reviewed upon request. If you have any questions, please email Richard Kaffka or 708.334.0585.