Building Committee

2016-11-21 (rev)

Welcome to the archives of the Tuesday Thermostat, our weekly update on the Building to Serve project. They are written by the Building Committee Chair unless otherwise indicated.

January 18, 2016 – August 9 2016: Dale Zimmerman, Chair

October 18 2016 – present: Kevin Markwell, Chair

Posted April 8 2018

During this update it seemed like a good time to take a look back over the past 18 months. Hopefully, this will give everyone an idea of where we were as well as where we are now.


In November of 2016, Phase I n for the Build to Serve program was given to 6 construction companies under a competitive bidding process. The bidding period closed on December 8, 2016, and we received 3 bids on the work. The cost of the selected bid was slightly higher than the anticipated funds that we had available, but only slightly higher. In mid-December, the church entered a Promise Campaign to try and match available funds to the cost of the work.


  1. By the end of January, the Promise Campaign had reached the level of anticipated cost. On January 29, an All Church Conference was convened with a two-fold purpose:
    To approve the committee to enter into an agreement for a construction loan. This loan was necessary since the construction was to be completed in early to mid-2018 while the pledges were not going to be all received until the end of 2018.
  2. To approve, if necessary, up to a $200,000 mortgage. This money was intended to give us a buffer only in the event unforeseen circumstances came up during the project. While contingency money was built in to anticipated costs, it was a very tight budget. In February of 2017, a contract was signed with the construction company.

The construction process began in March with the City of Naperville to achieve proper permits for the beginning of construction. There were many obstacles, including the available electricity and pump necessary to run the required sprinkling system. The City of Naperville in May agreed to grant the necessary permits, with the exception that we needed to have the sprinkling issues worked out prior to them granting an occupancy permit. The construction company could finally start scheduling sub-contractors, and work finally began in July of 2017. There have been a few hiccups along the way, including a setback with asbestos issues in late summer of 2017.


Work has been progressing, sometimes quickly, sometimes at a slow rate, but has been moving forward. In February of 2018 we realized some significant milestones. The sprinkler system was energized and is providing some coverage. The system has water in it and will provide sprinkling at the pressure that water comes in to the church. Not the final required pressure, but providing coverage none the less. The necessary electrical work and the pump to bring the system up to the proper pressure have been delivered to the church, and are ready for installation.

Also, in February, the stone and brick work on the exterior of the addition started. The last of the brick and stone has been delivered and installation is projected to begin in about 10 days. In the past few weeks, the steel work started for the stairway that will connect the welcome center with the entrance to the sanctuary. The frame of the stairway, as well as the rough cover for the area was installed during the past week and fabrication of the remaining pieces has begun.

Looking Forward

The construction company is working on delivering a completion schedule to the church. This will help us understand approximate dates and tasks for the remainder of the project. There will probably be some adjustments that occur once that schedule is delivered, but it should provide a better understanding about the time frame remaining.

Posted March 20 2018

Work on the steel for the stairway is continuing, and showing good progress. The structural portion of the steel work should be complete within the next week. Steel work will continue with a landing being put in place on the first floor. One of the next projects for the stairway will be assembling the curtain wall, which will be the outside framework for the windows and covering. Exterior brick and stone work should be completed within the next week or so. Currently, we are waiting for materials to complete the work.

On the inside of the building, electricians are in the process of pulling the electrical wire through the conduit and water is being supplied to the counter area of the Welcome Center. The lobbies and ceilings around the elevators on the first and second floor will start to see some framing and drywall work, and painting will start over the next week on the first floor office areas.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the 2nd floor room over the new addition supposed to be? 
This room was intended to be an expansion of the chapel and an area for youth programming. There was not enough money in the budget to complete that work at this time, but it was much more cost effective to have that floor added now than it was to go back and do that later. For now, it is an unfinished area with doors from the Chapel and Room 206 for entrance. There are lights, electricity, drywall, heat, air conditioning, but no additional finishing touches on this area.

Posted March 3 2018

As in all projects of this nature, it is always good to have visible progress that everyone can see. The stone and brick work are almost complete. Drywall, lighting, heating and air conditioning are some of the projects that have been happening behind the scenes downstairs in the Welcome Center area. Stain colors for doors, paint colors for offices, carpets, counter tops have been selected over the past few weeks, set for delivery in the near future to become acclimated to the existing temperature and humidity within the building for installation over the next month.

Beginning Monday (March 5) and lasting for about a month, contractors will begin another portion of the project that will have some impacts on movements within the church on week days.

Restricted Access will be Mon – Fri, 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.

I want to emphasize that these are impacts from Monday through Friday approximately 8 am through 3 pm. During these times, the Center Street entrance will be closed. Access to the hallway on the first floor from the entrance to Fellowship Hall will be restricted during the day. In addition, the area from the Chapel to the Sanctuary will be unavailable during the same time frame.

During this time, work will be ongoing to complete drywall activities in those area, including a large amount of ceiling work to install either drywall or the suspended ceiling. The stairway will start to be constructed and installed that connects the first floor area near the Center Street entrance to the hallway just outside the sanctuary. It is important that we respect these closures as there will be heavy materials being lifted in place as well as other activities that may not be noticeable. The construction crews will put barricades in place to restrict access.

After 3:00 pm on weekdays, and every weekend,
use walkways on 1st and 2nd floors.

After 3 pm in the afternoon throughout the evenings and weekends, contractors will place walkways on the first and second floors. These walkways will connect the Center Street entrance to the elevator and Fellowship Hall on the first floor and from the educational areas to the elevator and the sanctuary on the second floor.

During the construction period during weekdays, both the back door and the outside back parking lot ramp to the 2nd floor will be available.

For those with accessibility challenges that need access to the third floor, please call the church office and we will make arrangements with the construction personnel to escort you to and from the elevator to get to the third floor.

Posted January 9 2018

Over the past two weeks, the general contractor has spent a lot of effort in sealing the building against the colder temperatures. On the first floor of the addition, windows are now in place. Insulation has been put in the boarded up portion of the construction areas to close up the gaps between building and covers. And finally, the large heater in the addition portion of the building has been pointed towards the Center Street entrance, with a window fan blowing the air into the hallway to try and warm that area. Extra protection from the elements were provided in the pantry to protect from the cold making its way down the old stairway into the kitchen.
Members of the church spent their time on a Saturday recently to pull internet and phone cabling in the new addition in preparation for dry walling.

On Monday (Jan 8) the sanctuary was closed off to church activities. Church services for the next two Sundays will be held in Fellowship Hall. The sanctuary will become covered with scaffolding and drop cloths. For the next 15 working days the contractors will be completing the sprinkling work in the sanctuary. This work will include sprinkler pipes on the ceiling of the area. While work is ongoing to install the new pipes, workers will be following that progress by painting the pipes to a color that closely matches the color of the ceiling and the tiles under the balcony. To complete the sprinkler work, the entire system throughout the church must be pressure tested. It is much easier to test the system while the scaffolding is in place rather than to find out there is a problem and bring the scaffolding back in to fix things later.

Finally, I have been asked some questions by multiple people about the sprinkler system. The system has sprinkler heads spaced every 10-15′ along the system. Each one of these heads has a plug that stops the water from coming out the sprinkler head. These plugs are heat sensitive, and when the plug melts, water comes out that sprinkler head. This then means that the water coming out the sprinkler system is pretty well localized to the area of the fire. Finally, the sprinkler system is considered a life safety system. Put simply, it is there to allow people enough time to get out of the building, not necessarily to put out a fire. While it may extinguish small fires, that is an added benefit.

Posted December 26 2017

It is always nice to have some visual validation that things are happening. There are sprinkler pipes that are present throughout most of the building now including the sanctuary balcony and stage. There is a concrete base for the new stairway that has been poured (Wednesday). Behind the scenes, the framing, electrical work, and plumbing in the new addition is about 95% complete. Abandoned phone and internet wires have been removed from the edges of the old outer walls. And not least in the list, there is a new window that was placed in the new addition. This window was placed to provide guidance to the masons as they get ready to start their work

Over the next 2 weeks, there should be more visible signs that progress is being made. In short order, the steel for the new stairway will be delivered to the job site. As soon as the concrete has cured and inspections are complete, the steel will be put in place. I mentioned the masons previously. Next week, the masons will start installing the continuation of the stone around the building. Sprinklers are being installed in the library. The final installation portion of the sprinkler system will be in the sanctuary. This work will close off the sanctuary starting on Monday, January 8. This work will require us to not have access to the sanctuary for 2 consecutive weekends. Worship for Sunday services will take place in Fellowship Hall, and Sojourners Forum will relocate to Room 306/Pastor Grace’s office, for those two weeks.

Posted December 13 2017

Over the past few weeks, work has been progressing for the stairway that leads from first floor (Center Street) to the second floor just outside the sanctuary. Extra support was needed below the second floor landing. Concrete footings and framing for the doorway on the first floor were put in place. Sprinkler piping has been put in the first and second floors in the new addition as well as areas excluding the sanctuary. This includes hallways, the existing nursery rooms, the stage area underneath the catwalk, and classrooms that were not previously sprinkled. The ceiling has been sealed on the addition along with heating and air conditioning units being placed on top of the roof there.

Over the next 2 weeks, the contractors will continue to seal up the building in a better fashion to retain the warmth in the building. Hoping for a slight break in the cold, masons will begin working on stone and bricks beginning on the west side (Center Street) of the addition. There will be a continued line of stone (top of first floor) continue around the new portion of the building with brick covering the rest of the addition. Sprinkling work will continue under the balcony in the sanctuary, in the library, and the remainder of the stage area.

We have asked the contractor to remain clear of the sanctuary beginning on 12/18. The remainder of the sprinkling will take place after the Christmas holidays. Work outside of the holidays will take place in the new addition and exterior of the building.

Posted September 26 2017

Work continues on the building portion of the project. Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen lines for new sewer connections, concrete walls, and some electrical work happen throughout the church. Work on heating and air conditioning has continued throughout the remodeled portion of the building. The driveway that is stone and dirt is in the approximate position that the final driveway will occupy.

Over the past couple of days, the base for the walls on the addition of the church has been filled in and masons have started on the cinder block portions of wall next to the parking lot. This work will continue over the next weeks at least to where we hope to have the inner wall completed around the Center Street within the next 2-3 weeks. Work will continue on the heating, air conditioning and plumbing on the first floor. Framing in the office area is continuing, with electricians beginning to identify areas for outlets on the first floors. Towards the end of the upcoming 2 week look ahead, we should start to see the stone work on the bottom of the new walls as well as some of the brick work begin to take shape.

Posted September 12 2017


Most building projects that involve existing structures, addition or remodeling of some sort almost always start with some destruction (demolition). Over the past few months, we have seen our share of the demolition. Removal of the stairway between the first and second floors, the stairway on the outside on Center Street, walls taken down, the parlor and old offices stripped down to concrete floors and girders in the ceiling. Some of the demolition that is harder to see is removal of old electrical wiring, radiators on the third floor and some plumbing works.

We have had some bumps along the way as well. There was an area where the flooring needed to be removed, and this area contained asbestos backing on the tiles that were installed years ago. These areas have been successfully mitigated and we can move forward

We are almost done with the destruction part, and moving forward with the construction. Some already visible signs of this include footings for the new outside wall, framing of the new entrance, there are also some forms in place for pouring concrete walls on the Benton Street side. Over the course of the next few days, there will be concrete poured for the outside walls and also just inside the Center Street entrance (PLEASE SEE NOTE BELOW). Some of the less visible happenings include venting for heating and air conditioning, plumbing work supporting the new areas on the first floor and electrical work.

Posted July 18 2017

There are visible signs of the construction that is now underway. The fencing is up, offices have been cleaned out, and there is ongoing electrical and plumbing work. We now have a very rough schedule of projects that will be going on. While it doesn’t provide room by room impacts yet, it gives a good idea of what is happening.

For the remainder of this week, you will see excavation begin for the new part of the building, continued work on electric and plumbing throughout the rest of the construction area. Beginning next week we will start to see demolition of the inside stairway between the first and second floor, demolition of the outside wall on Center Street where the new stairway will be located, and continued work on electrical and plumbing in support of the new addition.

Once again, these are very rough schedules that we are working with. The contractor is still working with sub-contractors to firm up dates for some of the work. We can expect to see changes to the schedule, both good and bad. Weather will also impact work that goes on. We will do our best to keep you up to date with what is happening and where we are headed.

During the day, once things start moving along at a better pace, the Center Street doorway will be closed during construction hours. Generally, this will be 6:30 am to 5:30 pm. The back parking lot door will be available. Once the construction is completed for the day, the Center Street door will become available again including the elevator. There should be signs that appear within the church shortly that will provide guidance to different areas within the church, while avoiding construction areas.

Posted June 28 2017


Yesterday, we were advised that the two permits needed for the building construction have been approved. The building permit is available for pick up (this is for the actual construction of the building) and also the site permit (for the driveway and movement of dirt on the south side). These were the last two hurdles for actual construction to start. The construction company, FBG, has already been in contact with Naperville and there will be a required pre-construction meeting on Monday where Naperville will hand them the site permit.

I have already asked FBG for a schedule. Having just gotten the same information that we did, it will take them a couple of days to put this together. As soon as we get the schedule (or other pertinent information) we will put it out as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your patience!!

Nate Burke, Chair of Trustees, signing Letter of Credit

Posted June 21 2017

Over the past week, there has been continued work on the Letter of Credit required by the City of Naperville. The language has been finalized, the document has been signed by the church, and the bank will be sending the letter to the city.

Naperville will have one more review, but since we included all of their requested language into the document, it should be a very quick process. The Letter of Credit is the last hurdle before the building permit is issued.

Posted June 13 2017

We are currently working through the process of Naperville and the bank getting the correct language in to a Letter of Credit. What was supposed to be a fairly short process has turned in to a little bit longer than anticipated. The bank sent the letter to Naperville (through us) in the correct format late on Thursday (6/8).

We have communicated with Naperville yesterday (Monday) and today (Tuesday) to determine the status. Monday’s response was that their legal department was reviewing the letter on Monday. We have not received a response today. Again…taking longer than expected, but we have not received any word that this is turning into a problem, just taking a little longer than anticipated.

There are some minor things (signatures) that need to be completed as soon as both agree on the language, but we are ready to get that taken care of as quickly as possible following approval of the letter.

There will be a special message that comes out as soon as we have the permit available.

Posted May 30 2017

We received very good news late last week. Here is the first portion of the email from the City of Naperville:

The building permit #16-1048 is ready to be issued subject to the following conditions:

  • Another permit is submitted for electrical work related to the installation of wiring and associated electrical equipment to operate the fire pump.
  • This new permit shall be approved prior to issuance of the Sprinkler permit and the occupancy permit for the property.

I have spoken with the General Contractor, and he has been in contact with the City of Naperville to make sure that everything necessary has been completed.

The two conditions listed deal with the sprinkling system and the electricity necessary for the pump. There was a meeting last week at the church with the General Contractor (and his electrician), the City of Naperville electrical engineer, and myself. Everyone left there with an agreement about what needed to be done, and a ball park figure of what it would cost. We are not first on Naperville’s electric todo list, so this will take some time to get through, but will now not hold up the rest of the building. It needs to be completed before we get an occupancy permit for the addition.

This is very good news, and when the permit is actually in the hands of the General Contractor, another special Thermostat will come out.

Posted May 23 2017

We are still working through the electrical issues associated with the pump for the sprinkler system. The ball is back in the architect’s court right now. The General Contractor has returned to the architect for ways to resolve the issues that the City of Naperville raised.

It was suggested that we have a question box in the back of the sanctuary. This would serve as a method for us to answer questions about what is going on. While I don’t have a box in the back of the sanctuary (yet), we can start answering some of the questions that come up:

Q: Will we still be able to get to the ground floor back hallway for Knitting Circle?
A: Yes. All areas not under construction will be accessible. Different routes may be necessary to get there, but they will be accessible. Specifically, in this case, you may have to come in the Franklin St. door, or through the door from the back parking lot, or maybe even through the Center St. door through the kitchen (not sure on this one yet). Bottom line is that you will be able to get to where you need to go in the church.

Posted May 16 2017

Two weeks ago, in what we thought was a minor review of the church documents by Naperville, an issue with the electricity needed for the pump that starts the sprinkling system was brought up.  This is a minor issue, and the General Contractor is in the process of resolving this with the City of Naperville.  We are still awaiting Naperville’s final approval of the documents for a building permit. In the meantime, there have been some meetings that took place getting ready for the construction company to move in and do their work. On 5/2 members of the Building Committee, the Architect, and the General Contractor met in a pre-construction meeting. This meeting essentially set the ground work for what will happen when things finally get rolling. We established working hours, emergency contact information, validation of the process that will take place for any requested changes in the plan, etc.

Yesterday (5/15) I met with the Construction Superintendent for the site. This meeting got more into the nuts and bolts of how the work will progress. Issues like elevator access, parking lot (rear) availability, fenced off areas, internal barricades to the construction area, room availability, egress and exit availability were discussed.

I will still put out the ‘cautiously optimistic’ viewpoint. There seems to be an endless stream of last minute issues that need handling. The Construction Superintendent would like to have equipment on site very soon, contingent on Naperville providing the necessary building permits. The Builder’s Risk insurance through the conference is in effect, which was one of the last issues to be resolved prior to the GC putting equipment on site.

Once the permits are complete, there will be a special Thermostat with that announcement, and hopefully, a starting date for the actual construction.

Posted April 7 2017

Signing the contract with the General Contractor on Wed Apr 5 2017

Posted April 4 2017

Great news to report this week!

As relayed during the church services this weekend, the Building Committee has endorsed the contract between the church and the General Contractor. The bank has approved the short term construction loan and the long term loan (if necessary) at the end of the project. There is a special Church Council meeting Wednesday night (Apr 5, 2017) to review and vote on the proposed contract. The architect has successfully concluded discussions with the City of Naperville, and revised blueprints based on any changes required by the city. The General Contractor has reported that he will file for the construction permit this week. Sometime in the very near future, there will be a pre-construction meeting to discuss schedule.

What is left??? As mentioned previously, the Church Council will need to approve the contract. Once that is complete, the contract can be signed by the church. The City of Naperville will review the revised blueprints during the construction permitting process, but these changes are based on the conversations that have taken place with the architect over the past few weeks.

Sum it all up

This has been a very positive week. Huge steps forward have happened all at once. Next week, we hope to update everyone with a more accurate idea of the schedule, as well as what changes you will see first around the church.

Posted March 28 2017

It has been a while since we provided an update, and I’m sure there are many questions about the status. Over the past few weeks, there have been two main areas of focus. First is the contract with the General Contractor (GC). Over the past few weeks, there were four different groups that have been involved in the discussion about the contract for the building. The church, the GC, the bank, and also the attorney that is reviewing information for the church have all been providing reviews and comments. Last week, we had everyone sit down at a table to resolve the last few items. At the Building Committee meeting last night, the contract was unanimously approved by the building committee to be sent to the Church Council for approval, pending completed financial approval by the bank.

Second, the architect has still been working with the City of Naperville for final comments/changes required by Naperville. Examples of these changes are modifying the new stairway to be in compliance with recent fire code changes, additional doorways to allow exit from the new second floor area after construction, and finally, the overall smoke evacuation for the building in general. Last week, the architect reported that they are very close to finishing these items.

Steps moving forward:

  • Finalize construction loan with bank (they also report being close on this item)
  • Sign contract
  • GC applies for building permit
  • Construction starts

It has been requested by the pastors that construction not start between Palm Sunday and Easter. This should help make sure that everyone has an idea of available parking during that timeframe.

Posted February 14 2017

The past two weeks have been busy for the building project, but there isn’t much to show at the church yet.  Yesterday, we got to meet with the General Contractor.  During that time, we were given a preliminary, DRAFT schedule.  I am providing this information with a word of caution.  These are time frames that we are moving towards, but there are issues that can delay this schedule.  The architect has resumed the permitting process.  At this point, we don’t know what, if any, of the past process will carry over into the current submittals. We have dealt with some of the issues raised by Naperville previously and shouldn’t have to go those again.  As we move through this process, we will update you with progress.

As far as the actual building is concerned, assuming that the permitting and bank work is completed on time, the contractor would like to start working as early as the latter part of March.  Initially, this will be work outside the building getting ready for excavation.  This would also most likely include the demolition of the external stairs closest to the first floor Center Street entrance.

We now have promises for more than $780,000.  We would still like to see the other $120,000 promised/pledged over the next few months.  We are in the process of developing a pledge card.  The promise forms along with pledge cards will be mailed out over the course of the next few weeks.  Please return the pledge cards either in the offering plates or to the church office.

The actual building work is starting in earnest.  We are working through the banking, insurance, and permitting process as quickly as possible.  More updates to follow.

Posted January 31 2017

We have cleared the first hurdle in the path of Phase 1 in the Building to Serve Program.  It is a huge hurdle, but the first nonetheless. While it is tempting to sit back for a few days and take a few deep breaths, the work has just begun. In the days since we held the well attended Church Conference, we have already been in contact with the General Contractor accepting his bid, the architectural firm advising them that we are moving forward, and begun the process of laying out the path for the construction.

Over the next few weeks, the first order of business will be to work with the contractor to ensure everyone is moving forward with the same steps in mind.  We will be contacting the bank to set up the line of credit for the construction loan.  We will also need to settle on the terms of the contract with the General Contractor for approval by the bank.

Internal work will begin to develop a project schedule.  This schedule is a method for tracking steps and progress throughout the next few months until completion of the building.  This is something that will be posted on the website as soon as it has meaningful information in it. Don’t be surprised, however, when some of the dates change, tasks get updated, etc. It has been my experience that these types of document are constantly updated.

Finally, there is a sincere desire to account for all of the money for this phase prior to the end of 2018.  We currently stand at $125,000 yet to raise.  It is true that some people have added their promises since we voted to move forward.  That is great news!!  If you haven’t had a chance to turn in a promise form yet, and would like to do so, there will be forms around the church for a while yet and here.

Posted January 24 2017

About a month ago, we began a campaign to try and raise $900,000 towards the first phase of the building project. We have received promises of $701,000 towards our goal for the completion of Phase 1 with one week remaining. We are very close to our goal. We have $199,000 more that needs to be promised to move forward as planned. Think about it…we are 78% of the way there in one month.

For those that have not yet promised money towards this goal, please take time today to consider support for the building program. You can promise money in the year 2017 and/or also in 2018. If you would like to promise money towards this project, you can send an email to me or phone me at 815 325 5108.

For those of you that have promised money, I want to thank you. Your efforts to this point have put us within reach of this goal. I would ask that you review your promise. If it is what you can do, I again thank you. There may be some that can promise just a little more than they have. We have 2017 and 2018 that we are looking for promises. If this is something that you can help with, please email me or phone me 815 325 5108.

Things included in the current phase:

  • Sprinkling system for the portion of church that currently does not have protection
  • Provide welcome center on the first floor
  • Relocate nursery to first floor
  • Remove existing first floor stairway (Center Street) and replace with better fire protected entryway
  • Provide secure office space
  • Provide a 2 story addition to the building, expanding the existing footprint towards Benton Street
  • Provide a drop off area on the south side of the building, with a drive that connects current parking lot with Center Street

Things that are deferred to a later phase:

  • Remodel chancel and balcony areas
  • Replace library skylight
  • Canopy for drop off area
  • Shower/Laundry in Room 102

Finally, there will be a Church Conference to vote on the building project on Sunday January 29 at 9:30 am in the Sanctuary.

Posted January 17 2017

We have less than 2 weeks remaining in our promising campaign for the building project. As of Monday, we have received promisesfor $626,000. This is a very promising number, but we still have a ways to go.

Over the next few days, if you have not had a chance to turn in your Promise Form yet, you should be getting a call from one of the building committee. This is an opportunity to make sure that you know the options that are available to help with this program.

Finally, there will be a Church Conference on Sunday January 29 at 9:30 am in the Sanctuary.

Posted January 10 2017

Phase 1 of the building project will cost $2.4 million. The current bid on this phase expires on 2/6/17. We need promises totaling $900,000 to proceed as bid.  As of Tuesday January 10, we have received promises for $555,000, which is $345,000 short of the goal.

Posted December 20 2016

It has been a very good week in our short dash to determine the feasibility of Phase 1 of the building plan.  We have promises of $435,000 of the $900,000 necessary.  The following are some of the major parts of Phase 1:

  1. Equip the sanctuary and the remainder of the unprotected portion of the building, including the new addition, with a sprinkler system.
  2. Provide a welcome center on the first floor, with a counter to provide information to new attendees entering the building. A new stairway leading from the welcome center to the second floor sanctuary will make clear to new attendees where the sanctuary is located. Removal of the existing stairway to the second floor will both provide additional space for the welcome center and bring the building into closer compliance with the fire code by eliminating a third level of continuous open stairway.
  3. Relocate the nursery to the first floor, with contiguous space for 2 and 3 year old children.
  4. Construct an addition to the first floor to provide adequate office space for the staff.
  5. Construct the unfinished exterior of the proposed second floor addition, with the interior being completed in the next phase of the overall building program.
  6. The renovated first floor area and the addition will be heated and cooled by a new forced air system.

Posted December 14 2016

The Building Committee met last night (12/12/16) to discuss the re-bids for Phase 1 of the Building to Serve plan that was approved by Church Conference. The re-bidding process closed on Thursday, 12/8/16.

Six companies had been invited to bid on the Building to Serve Phase 1 and of the six, three submitted actual bids. Those bids were: $2,168,000, $2,538,000 and $2,910,045. These bids represented a significant reduction from the bid submitted earlier in the year. There are other costs associated with the project, and the Building Committee is working through the process to identify them in order to provide an accurate cost of Phase 1 as possible. The lowest bid made original Building to Serve Phase 1 reachable.

The Building Committee discussed a way forward for the congregation. Although there are many details the Committee must attend to, a plan for the church is in now place. This weekend, a brief presentation will be made at all services and members of the Building Committee will be available after each service for you.

Posted November 8 2016

On Thursday (11/10) the architect will be issuing a proposal for bids on the original plan for the changes to the church. The bidding process will be open to the four general contractors that were involved in the process up to this point. During the past bid for this project, only one general contractor was given the opportunity to bid. It is hoped that competitive bidding will reduce the proposed cost, but as of now, we still do not know if that is within the funds that we currently have available.

Concurrently, the architect is developing a set of drawings (not construction drawings yet). These drawings (called Scheme K) and the plans drawn up last spring (called Scheme J) will be prepared in case the original plan is outside our means to move forward with at this time.

The plan moving forward is that the building committee will review the original plan bids as soon as they are completed (end date for the bids will be 12/8). This is the plan that was approved by the District and the church. If the bids for the original plan are still too high, we will put out Plan J and Plan K as schematic drawings for bid. These bids would give us a ball park idea about whether these plans are achievable with funds that are available to us.

Once again, nothing in the plan listed here has a cost associated to the church. At any point in the development of J and K the architect feels that there is a cost, they will stop and come to the Building Committee for approval to commit funds.

Finally, during the week of 11/14, you may see some folks walking through the building. The general contractors are being allowed an opportunity to walk through the building to help them determine the scope of work, and what will be associated with the construction. They will be taken through the church by a member of the Building Committee.

Posted October 25 2016

Last week, Pastor Leo and Kevin met with the architect. The outcome of that meeting was very positive. As a result of that meeting, the following items are moving forward:

  1. There will be a re-bidding process for the first plan submitted. This will provide a more accurate estimate of the actual cost of the project, as well as give the architect a more accurate assessment of the costs associated with building in this area. This bid will include multiple general contractors to encourage competition.
  2. A plan developed over the summer by the architect and the building committee will be submitted for schematic bids. This is a bid on a less developed set of drawings to give us an estimated cost to rate against other potential plans.
  3. A separate plan was developed in the late summer/early fall. The architect will develop this plan to the schematic level (as in #2 above). This plan will also be submitted for bids. We will be able to evaluate #2 and #3 against each other in a much more efficient and meaningful manner.

The architect has agreed to assist with these three steps pro-bono (no cost to us). While a timeline has not been established, work is moving forward on narrowing the search for Phase 1 of the Build to Serve campaign.

Posted October 18 2016

The Tuesday Thermostat is back!  The Building Committee will use this forum to keep you up to date with general issues and progress on a weekly basis.  I’m sure that during the upcoming holiday times there may be a few weeks that go by without reportable progress.  We will try to let you know when that happens as well.  In the past few weeks, there have been 3 Building Committee meetings.  While currently those meeting minutes are not posted, in the next few weeks minutes of the meetings will be posted on this page.

Current status

During the spring, the construction bid greatly exceeded anticipated costs and available money.  An alternate plan was developed at that time, with another plan introduced in the early fall.  We currently have 2 separate schemes for Phase 1 of the project.  At this point both plans are being evaluated on cost, fulfilling the specified needs identified early in the project and their suitability for support of the end state plan.

In short order, a letter to the congregation will be sent out describing in more detail the information that we have concerning the two plans.  It will also detail the path forward in development of these two proposals.

Finally, Pastor Leo and Kevin will be meeting with the architect this week.  More to come on the results of that meeting.

Posted August 9 2016

As stated in the July 19 Thermostat, the Building Committee is considering a revised project plan for phase 1 and beyond which will allow us to accomplish almost everything in the previous plan and which we believe will allow us to complete phase 1 of the plan within the funds given and pledged for that phase. Although we have not yet received the exact costs for the proposed first phase, progress has been made in that area.

Since it has been awhile since the last Thermostat, we thought it would be good to provide an update to assure that action is being taken to move forward with the building program. We, like many of you, are impatient with the fact that it is taking so long for work to actually begin.

Posted July 19 2016

The Building Committee is considering a revised project plan for phase 1 and beyond which will allow us to accomplish almost everything in the previous plan and which we believe will allow us to complete phase 1 of the plan within the funds pledged and given for that phase. We will give a further update when we have received the exact cost projections for the proposed first phase.

Posted June 21 2016

The Building Committee has completed work with our architects and general contractor to reduce the costs of Phase 1 of the building project. The architects are in the process of making the agreed upon changes to the blueprints. Once those changes are completed, the revised plans will be submitted to the City with a request to grant the building permit we need to begin construction.

A meeting of the congregation will be held on Sunday, July 10:

  • to present the work that will be done in Phase 1,
  • to present what will be proposed to the congregation for Phase 2, including paying down some or all of the cost overrun from Phase 1,
  • and to answer any questions members may have.

Posted June 7 2016

The Building Committee subcommittee identified in last Tuesday’s Thermostat met with the general contractor and the architect on May 31 to develop options for moving forward with our building program in view of the fact that the total of the actual costs from the various contractors who submitted the low bids in each area of work are much higher than the estimates we were working with.

At the May 31 meeting the subcommittee developed refined, complete remaining project costs for two options. The first option is to complete phase 1 as planned. The complete total remaining cost for that option is about $3.2 million, which includes a 6% construction contingency amount. After an extensive consideration of all components of the phase 1 project, a second option was developed which would reduce the total cost of phase 1 while retaining the integrity of what we are planning to do. The complete total remaining cost for that option is about $2.8 million, again including a 6% construction contingency amount.

Our general contractor and architects are doing follow-up work to make certain that the cost amounts are as solid as possible at this point and to get information on a few items, like city permit fees, that we were only able to estimate. After we receive that information the Building Committee will meet to decide which option the Committee will recommend to the congregation.

Posted May 31 2016

As you know, our bid opening was disappointing when the bids came in far higher than we or our architect expected. Our reach seemed to exceed our grasp.

This evening, May 31, 2016, a subcommittee of the Building Committee will meet with the Architect and the General Contractor to review each and every selected component of our project to determine which way to proceed. Members of the subcommittee are Building Committee Chair, Dale Zimmerman; Project Manager, Al Brunsting; Building Committee member, Jim McCloud; Lead Pastor, Grace Imathiu. The goal is to maintain the original spirit of our Godgiven vision of a Building to Serve ministry and to keep the congregation updated.

Posted April 26 2016

The Building Committee invites you to the ground breaking ceremony for our building project on Pentecost Sunday, May 15. The ceremony will begin at 11:30 following the single worship service on that Sunday.

  • It has been a long journey getting to this point.
    1. The Building Committee first met in Apr 2009. Our first task was to work with the Trustees to develop a comprehensive list of what needed to be done to this building to make it a more effective tool for mission and ministry.
    2. In 2010 the congregation considered the information that had been developed in order to determine whether we should continue our worship and mission outreach at 20 N Center or whether those purposes and needs could be better served at a new location. On Sept 14, the congregation voted overwhelmingly to “renovate and remodel, possibly with additional space, the current building to meet our entire worship and program needs.”
    3. By the end of 2011 – taking some time off for a debt reduction campaign – we had gone as far as we could without the help of an architect to develop a plan to implement the congregation’s decision. So in early 2012 we contracted with the architectural firm of David F Schultz Associates to create designs for remodeling the building to meet the needs we had identified.
    4. On Oct 21, 2012 the final design developed by our architects was presented to the congregation for its consideration. That renovation plan was on display for consideration and comment for almost a year. Then on Sept 29, 2013, over 90% of the members in attendance at a special church conference gave approval to the plan that was presented.
    5. That vote of approval was followed by a very generous financial commitment which  enables us to complete more in the first phase of the overall building than we had expected we would be able to do.
    6. On Mar 14 of 2015 the Aurora District Committee on Church Location and Building gave us the go ahead to do the work we have planned. The congregation added its approval on Apr14. And on Sept 15 the City Council unanimously voted to approve our program.
  • So here we are – ready for a ground breaking ceremony on Pentecost Sunday.
  • One final point. If you have any questions concerning what is being done in this phase of the building program, turn them in at the church office, and they will be answered.

Posted April 18 2016

  1. The detailed construction drawings (blueprints) for the project have been completed, and applications for a building permit and a sewer permit have been submitted to the City of Naperville.
  2. Requests for bids have been sent to potential subcontractors who will be doing work on the project. 42 contractors have expressed an interest in bidding on our project. Contracts will be awarded to 13 subcontractors.
  3. A contract for removing asbestos where necessary from the first floor has been signed. The asbestos removal project is scheduled to begin May 2 and will take about two weeks to complete. During the time this removal work is in process, the 20 N. Center Street entrance, the portion of the first floor being remodeled, and room 102 where the Kairos Class is meeting and choir robes are stored will not be available.
  4. Prior to the start of the asbestos removal project, the pastors and the office staff will be relocated. The main office will be moved to room 308 and Pastor Grace and Pastor Sarah will move into room 304 or 305. They will remain in this temporary space until the building project is completed near the end of 2016.
  5. On May 9 the Building Committee will review the bids submitted by prospective subcontractors and select those who will be awarded contracts.
  6. May 16 is the scheduled date for breaking ground and beginning construction. The starting date of the project is, of course, subject to the length of time required to obtain the building permit from the City.
  7. While construction is in progress, an itemized, month-by-month financial accounting will be maintained. The financial accounting statement will show budgeted dollar amounts for each line item of the work being performed and the associated dollar amounts actually spent, with a budgeted plus/minus actual dollar amount column for comparison purposes.

Posted Jan 18 2016

After many years (since early 2009) in the planning process, major strides toward completing CUMC’s building program were made in 2015. Thanks to the generous and enthusiastic support of the congregation, we are able to complete more in the first phase of the program than we had thought would be possible.

On March 14 the Aurora District Committee on Church Location and Building granted its approval to do this work. And the congregation overwhelmingly added its approval at a special church conference on April 14. Following the recommendation of the City’s Planning and Zoning Commission on August 19, the Naperville City Council formally approved our project on September 15.

Now we move forward with our architects, David F. Schultz Associates, and our general contractor, Nicholas & Associates, to get the work done. We began with a pre-construction process of two phases: the design development phase and the construction documents phase. The design development phase, when we develop the details of what our new and renovated space will contain and what it will look like, is ending and now detailed construction drawings and specifications will be created. Then we will apply for a building permit from the City and begin the process of receiving bids from the various subcontractors that will be working on our project.

The schedule developed by our architects calls for the pre-construction work to be completed in the Spring of 2016, when we will be ready to break ground and begin construction. The current schedule, which has to be somewhat tentative at this point, sets the beginning date as May 16, 2016, with the entire project to be completed by the end of 2016.

  • The first floor will be remodeled with an addition to provide:
    • a welcome center,
    • a relocated nursery, and
    • an attractive, secure office complex.
  • The remainder of the building plus the new addition will be equipped with a sprinkler system.
  • The renovated first floor area and the addition will be heated and cooled by a new state-of-the-art forced air VRV system.
  • In addition, the unfinished exterior of the second-floor addition will be done, with the interior work being completed in the next phase of the building program.

Click here for schematic drawing showing what the layout of the renovated first floor will look like.  Page 1 shows the overall layout and page 2 shows a closer look at the office/nursery area.