The Community Players of Naperville are pleased to announce our Spring production – Just So – a musical by Drewes & Stiles, based on the Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling. The musical will be performed April 20-22 and 27-28.

Auditions will be held by appointment (click here to make appointment) on Sunday, January 21 from 3:00-6:00 pm in Room 307 and Monday, January 22 from 7:00-9:00 pm in Fellowship Hall. Those auditioning should prepare about one minute of a Broadway style piece that shows off their range and vocal style. There will also be a short dance combination, so please dress in comfortable clothing. We will need a large cast of singers and dancers.

We will also need lots of behind-the-scenes support staff. Auditions are open to anyone in middle school, high school, and all adults. Older elementary students with musical theater and/or music and dance experience may audition, but roles are limited for this age group. There are 11 featured roles (see below), several smaller parts and an active ensemble that is in half of the musical numbers.

The show will be directed by Amy Hollander with musical direction by Kyle Markwell. Rehearsals will be Sunday afternoons starting at 3:00 pm, Monday nights at 7:00 pm and Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm.

Click here to sign up for your audition slot. Please contact for more information.

Cast of Characters

(Since most characters are animals, in many cases the gender and age do not matter — casting will be flexible and not necessarily match the recording — if a part interests you — go for it!)

  • Eldest Magician – the storyteller of the show; looking for an adult with strong vocals and charisma — featured in 13 songs — original role tenor Bb2-Ab4 — could be soprano up octave
  • Elephant’s Child – asks questions and seeks adventure; looking for teen or young adult with strong vocals and stage presence — featured in 13 songs — original role male C3-G#4 — could be female
  • Kolokolo Bird – can’t fly, foil to Elephant’s Child. More cynical and cautious; looking for any age that has strong vocals and stage presence — featured in 10 songs — original role female F#3-E5
  • Parsee Man – cook who lives on a island with his best friend, the stove and becomes enemy of the Rhino — comedic role; looking for flamboyant individual with sense of rhythm — featured in 4 songs — original role male B2-Ab4
  • Cooking Stove – singing stove, the Parsee Man’s only companion, a bit morose — looking for adult solid foil to Parsee Man — featured in 4 songs — original role male A#2-F4
  • Rhino – an unloved glutton, comic role similar to Pumba in Lion King; looking for comic adult male — featured in 2 songs — original role male C3-F#4
  • Giraffe – best friend of Zebra, girls looking for some adventure; looking for young adult or adult female who can sing and dance- featured in 3 songs- G3-D5
  • Zebra – best friend of Giraffe, a bit of a diva; looking for young adult or adult female who can sing and dance- featured in 3 songs
  • Jaguar and Leopard – Jaguar is the smarter of the duo, boys out on the town, hunting the ladies (Giraffe & Zebra) comedic duo; looking for males with a sense of timing who can sing — featured in 4 songs — Jaguar C3-A4; Leopard D3-G4
  • Pau Amma – giant crab, non-singing role. Voice off-stage until short appearance at end of show.
  • Kangaroo – vain turned humble, fancies himself a bit of a hip-hop artist type; looking for a big personality — featured in 3 songs
  • Dingo Dog – paired with Kangaroo to teach him his lesson; looking for someone with lots of energy; featured in 2 songs
  • Crocodile – double-crossing villain; featured in 1 song — original role male Gb2-G4

Additional roles – King Elephant, Queen Elephant, and ensemble that plays elephants, wildebeests, wallabies, and more!