[quilt]Remember last year when we won the Cedarlake Village Quilt Show contest and were able to put the $1000 prize toward our apportionment? Well, we want to do the same thing again this year.

On Saturday and Sunday, September 7-8 we will be adorning the CUMC sanctuary with quilts. Some of the quilts will be those that our members will be sharing with us so that a panel can pick the prize winning quilt to send to the Cedarlake show; others will be the beloved quilts of our members who are kind enough to share them with us for a couple of days.

If you have a quilt you want considered for the Cedarlake contest or if you have a favorite quilt (or quilts) that you want to share with us on September 7-8, contact Sylvia Kupferer at coppersmithy@hotmail.com or 630-983-1397.