The Hanging of the Greens is based on the English tradition of decorating the home with wreaths, garlands, a Christmas tree, and evergreens for Advent and Christmas. In a church setting, it readies the sanctuary (and church members) for the season.

Tasks include:

  • Hang 8-10 wreaths on the exterior doors.
  • Hang 8-10 wreaths on interior doors and Fellowship Hall.
  • Decorate the window sills of the chapel with greens
  • Hang the advent banner in the chapel.
  • Hang the lit garland on the balcony wall.
  • Hang the lit garland on the stage wall and choir loft wall.
  • Arrange greens and candles on the window sills in the choir loft and rear of church.
  • Assemble the Advent candle holder in the sanctuary.
  • Hang the Advent Week #1 banner at stage door.
  • Change the altar paraments to the advent blue color.
  • Decorate the Christmas tree in the Hospitality hall.



We thank you, O God, for the good news of Advent that Christ is coming and Christ is always coming. We prepare to welcome Christ into our hearts. We will let ourselves be guided by his ministry. That all will go forth from this place in hope. Amen.


Refreshments will be provided