Have you been wondering if there was a way to determine whether your ability to remember things is changing?   While it is normal to take a little longer to remember things as we get older, memory loss may be a sign that you (or a loved one) has a problem.

On Monday, October 13 at 10:30 am in our Issues in Aging Seminar, Cheryl Ghlasson will share information with us about a self-administered test that was developed at the University of Ohio as an at home screening test for cognitive changes. This SAGE test (Self-Administered Gerocognition Examination) consists of a pen and pencil test that has a series of questions that you can complete and score at home.   If you notice problems answering the questions, you can then contact your physician to see if additional evaluation is necessary.

We hope you can join Cheryl and the rest of us as we talk about the SAGE and have a chance to test ourselves.   If you would like additional information about SAGE or want to see what the test looks like, go to the following link: