Mother’s Day Project 2014

St Timothy Lutheran Church has asked us to join with them and “Companions Inc.” to provide packets of stationery and note cards for women in prison. This allows the women to write to their children and other loved ones, and thus strengthen the family bond.

There will be a collection box in the Gathering area at St Timothy Lutheran Church for the following supplies:

  • Pens, single cell with a cap (no click pens or pens that have any metal on them)
  • Stationery (these do not need to be complete sets)
  • Cards (blank, “thank you”, “thinking of you”, Mother’s Day)
  • Gallon size Ziploc bags
  • Postage stamps

We ask that you avoid cards or stationery…

  • With images of Caucasian families on them.
  • Which are yellowed or have yellowed envelopes.
  • Which require extra postage or are square.
  • Which have notes about masses or novenas.
  • Which have anything pasted or glued on them.

Homemade or stamped cards are appreciated.

** Again we ask that you do not use stickers, glue, tape or paste on the cards or envelopes.  Materials with these substances on them will not meet prison rules.

This collection will end on March 15, 2014!

If you are able, please join us to prepare these kits on:

Friday, March 21, 2014
St. Timothy Lutheran Church
1313 N. Mill St
9:00 to Noon

Please avoid parking in the blue-numbered parking spaces.

Questions??       Please call Rose – 630.355.5023, or email


A thank you note from last year:

“Thank you very much for the Mother’s Day stationery.  We are not allowed to receive those types of items here so it definitely was exciting to receive your gift.  I feel that we inmates are often forgotten so it’s nice to know that people think about us.”     Nicole