One Seed, One Step – Soulful Movement

A new UMW circle welcoming all women and men to experience soulful movement will begin in September.  Donna Pries will lead each session by using meditative thoughts and movements to unite the body and mind.

When Pastor Hannah used the parable of the seed in her sermon on July 8, I thought let one seed grow inside and take one step toward to a new expression of your love for God and God’s people.  If you can walk you can explore soulful movement through Christian, Cultural and Interfaith music.  Experience a different way to feel closer to God.  Express yourself by learning about God’s justice, peace and love.  Yes, we will be moving but there will be no judgement and no performances.  Let God’s spirit guide you to a new understanding of yourself and God.

For more information, contact Donna at 630 637 9316 or