Current logo (used in postcards and online)



Current logo (used on stationery)

Help Design a New Church Logo!

The Reconciling Core Team would love your help designing a new CUMC logo that would identify us as a Reconciling Congregation. It could be an entirely new design or an addition to the current logo. This logo would be used on all of the church’s communications.

We will be accepting submissions during the month of January. All ideas are welcome.


  • Your design should incorporate the rainbow colors
  • If the design includes the cross and flame, any change to the actual cross and flame would need to approved at a higher level; so that is discouraged.
  • The design should be easy to read at different sizes.
  • Your submission should be approximately 81/2 by 11” and can be dropped off at the church office or submitted via email.
  • Your name, and preferred method of contact, should be included on the back of the page. If you are submitting electronically, please include your contact information in your e-mail.
  • The deadline for submissions is January 31st.

Designs will be displayed in the Hospitality Hallway during the month of February. That will be the time you can cast your vote for your favorite design.

The winner will be announced during the month of March

If our church does decide to become a Reconciling Congregation during Easter Time, the new logo would be ready to go.

Let the creativity begin!