Sleep out Saturday (SoS) is an event where youth sleep outside in boxes to experience what it is like to be homeless. Oswego Good Shepherd UMC will join us once again. We will join with them to build our shelters from cardboard and duct tape. We will have pizza for dinner while we build. Bridge Communities (the group who organizes this) will send a bus to pick us up and take us out to a big rally in downtown Glen Ellyn. There will be bands and speakers from 6-8, and all the churches participating will mingle (about 1000 people) and then the bus will take us back to CUMC where we will spend the night. In the morning, we will have breakfast, attend worship, clean up, and YF will have Sunday School and lunch.

Youth should bring:

  1. Cardboard boxes
  2. Sleeping bag and pillow
  3. A refillable water bottle
  4. A flashlight
  5. Wear layers of clothing
  6. Depending on the weather, they might also want a hat and gloves, a plastic tarp, raincoat, etc
  7. Since they are homeless, we will let them leave their sleeping bags and pillows in the church while we are at the rally, but anything else (aside from their shelters) must be carried with them

Youth Should NOT Bring food of any kind. There is a bake sale at the rally where they can buy a cookie or something if they bring money, but otherwise, they need to go with what we feed them. It is one night. They will not starve.

What if the weather is dangerous?

I’ve never had it be too cold, but it is Illinois in November, so you never know what the weather will do. If we come to the decision that the weather is too bad for us to sleep outside, we will go inside and treat it as if the youth are participants of PADS, and make it into a homeless shelter experience.

To register:

  1. Go to Bridge Communities and sign up.
  2. Click to join an existing group.
  3. Click on CUMC/Good Shepherd Oswego, and enter your information.

We need everyone to register so that we know how many will be on the bus. Any questions, contact Deacon Nick.