On February 22, the Sojourners Forum Class is hosting a half-day retreat in the CUMC Fellowship Hall.  The retreat is open to anyone who wants to get away for a few hours, and have fun while learning a bit more about themselves and their values and beliefs.  The day will begin at 8am with a pancake breakfast followed by structured small and large group discussions until noon.

In preparation for the retreat, the class discussed movies that we could use to facilitate discussion of our values and beliefs about the world we live in.  This year the group selected the 2008 film, “Grand Torino” directed by Clint Eastwood who also plays the lead role of Walt Kowalski.  It is the story of a cantankerous, racist, retired Detroit auto worker and Korean war veteran who becomes involved with the Hmong family that has moved into the house next door to him.  The film is rated R for “for language throughout, and some violence,” so be prepared.  During the course of the film, we see this aging, isolated man grudgeonly learn to open himself to new ideas and new relationships.  He learns how to care about the well being of his neighbors, and suffers as a result of the risk he begins to take to keep them safe from gang violence.

If you are interested in joining the class for this retreat, contact Joyce Brunsting (jbrunsting@comcast.net) who is coordinating the pancake breakfast plan.  There is no charge for the retreat, but we do ask that you help with supplies for the breakfast, the work in the kitchen and with clean up after the retreat.