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HVAC Campaign

We are starting to raise funds to replace the outdated and inadequate HVAC system that serves the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall. These improvements were planned as part of the overall goal of the 2013 Building Project, and now, eight years later, it’s time for us to get going. It is important that we make improvements and renovations that make our facilities more welcoming, versatile, and efficient.

As well as adding AC to Fellowship Hall, which it currently does not have, this project will cut our dependence on the old boiler by 30%, reduce our annual gas bills and make us significantly greener for the environment.

Q & A

  1. What is planned for the Sanctuary?
    The replacement of 25-year-old, and failing, air conditioning system with new energy efficient Heat Pump Air Conditioners.
  2. What is a Heat Pump Air Conditioner?
    A Heat Pump Air Conditioner is a unit that can provide the cooling we need in the summer but also can provide heating in the Spring and Fall when the temperature is cool but not cold enough to call on the “Old Boiler.”
  3. What is planned for Fellowship Hall?
    Fellowship Hall will no longer be heated by the “Old Boiler” at all. There will be a new furnace installed to heat the room with forced air. This furnace will also add air conditioning to Fellowship Hall, which it currently does not have.
  4. Why are we not replacing the “Old Boiler”?
    This boiler heats 40% of the church building and it would be very expensive to replace it all at once. We believe we have options to finish this overall project in phases.
  5. What advantages come out of this approach?
    There will be a 30% reduction in the need for the “Old Boiler”, a reduction in our use of natural gas, utilizing units that are greener for the environment, and providing Fellowship Hall with air-conditioning that it currently does not have. We are also hopeful that by reducing the use of the “Old Boiler” we are buying time for when it must be replaced.
  6. If I have further questions regarding this campaign who do I contact?
    Rich Fleming, Bob Baker, George Groves, Hunter Henderson or Graham Wills

Pledge Card

Please prayerfully consider what you can contribute to make these improvements come to fruition and fill out the Pledge Card below.

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