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Sun Jan 09 2022 - Sun Mar 13 2022


10:00 am - 10:50 am

Short Term Adult Sunday School

Religion and Science

Sundays, 10:00 am, Room 307 and via Zoom

All are welcome!

Al Brunsting will be leading a multi-week video-based adult discussion on Religion and Science. Dr. Francis Collins, scientist, physician, outgoing Director of the Human Genome Project, and currently Director of our country’s NIH will lead our videos. He is very highly respected in the scientific community worldwide.

During the pandemic, modern science has become much more visible for its key role in understanding the virus, how it infects people, modes of transmission, speed of infection, development of vaccines, testing and approval of vaccines, and explaining CDC recommendations. However, modern science is frequently seen as conflicting with our faith. This series will help us to integrate modern science with our faith. There will be time for discussion in each class. All are welcome!

Language of God by Francis S. Collins
Publisher Summary: It has long been believed that science and faith cannot mingle. Faith rejects the rational, while science restricts us to a life with no meaning beyond the physical. It is an irreconcilable war between two polar-opposite ways of thinking and living. Written for believers, agnostics, and atheists alike, The Language of God provides a testament to the power of faith in the midst of suffering without faltering from its logical stride. Readers will be inspired by Collin’s personal story of struggling with doubt, as well as the many revelations of the wonder of God’s creation that will forever shape the way they view the world around them.

— The New York Times Book Review
The Language of God is a powerful confession of belief from one of the world’s leading scientists. Refuting the tired stereotypes of hostility between science and religion, Francis Collins challenges his readers to find a unity of knowledge that encompasses both faith and reason.”

Community UMC, 20 Center St, Naperville, IL 60540