Welcome Center Hosting FAQs

We’re hoping any questions you might have about being a host are answered below. If not, contact the church office and we’ll find an answer for you!

  • What’s involved in hosting?
    Hosts greet people, focus on welcoming new people, hang out at the Welcome Counter and replenish the doughnut supply.
  • Can my family host together?
    Yes. When signing up, make sure each family member 12 and over gets their own line on the sign up sheet. Children under 12 can be on the same line as 12+ year old.
  • Do I/we have to be there all morning? Cos that’s too long!
    Not all morning! A maximum of two hours either in the earlier part of the morning or the later part of the morning.
  • So who hosts when I’m in worship on my Sunday?
    A host is a member of a team. A team consists of 8 people who attend different worship services. 4 people will be asked to cover the early hours and 4 people will be asked to cover the later hours.
  • But I didn’t sign up for the earlier or later part of the morning? How do I let someone know my preference?
    Every team will have a facilitator who will contact you about your preferred months and your preferred times to host.
  • Do I have to host once a month? I’m outta here when it gets cold!
    No. You will be in a team of 24 people, and so you will be invited to host only up to three times a year.
  • What about making coffee. I hate making coffee.
    You won’t have to make the coffee. There’s another person assigned to that task each week. Phew! Right?!
  • What if I can’t make my Sunday due to unforeseen circumstances?
    Emails of your team members will be available so you can easily find a sub.
  • I’m still a little anxious about hosting. Will there be any training on what to do?
    Yes! There will be training, and a cheat sheet on what to say to guests.