In-Person Worship Plan


Our online worship services, until now, have been pre-recorded. Starting with the first Sunday in June, we will be transitioning to a live-streamed virtual worship service, which will be held at 9:30 am on Sunday mornings (and will be recorded, so that you can view the service at a later time, if you wish).

Our worship leaders will be leading these June services from our Sanctuary – all of our worship leaders will have been fully vaccinated by that point, and, in accordance with CDC guidelines, will not be wearing masks.

Please note that, for these June services, in-person attendance by non-worship leaders will not yet be permitted – we ask that you join us for these worship services from home, as you have done for the past 14 months.


In July, we are planning to be holding our “Worship in the Park” services at Central Park, and we are excited that this will be our first chance to worship together, in person, again! These services will be held at 9:30 am on Sunday mornings, and while we will be able to worship together, we will be asking that all of us – both those who are fully vaccinated, and those who have not yet been vaccinated – continue to observe social distancing practices.

Please note that, if the weather does not permit an outdoor service on a particular Sunday in July, we will be holding that Sunday’s worship as an online live-stream, from the church Sanctuary (as we will have done for June worship), and only worship leaders will be allowed to attend in-person.


Our current plans for August are that we will return to our “normal” Sunday schedule of worship services, with a traditional service at 8:30 am, and a contemporary service at 11:00 am, both held in the Sanctuary.

At this time, it is our hope that, in August, we will be able to resume some level of in-person worship in the Sanctuary, but we are still working through many details which would be involved, including capacity, and how to take care of visitors and non-vaccinated parishioners. We will share more details with you on our plans for worship in August, and beyond, in the weeks to come.

Saturday 4:30 pm Service

We are hoping to resume Saturday evening services in the near future, as well, though our current plans are that this will not be until September, at the earliest.  For several reasons, including the smaller space of the chapel, the Saturday services face additional limitations.  We will be monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely in the weeks to come, and we will be resuming Saturday services when it is safe to do so.