Your Mission Choices

Our Northern Illinois Conference has encouraged all of its member churches to select at least one charity from each of several colored bands – The Rainbow Covenant. The selections below have been made by the Mission Team based on our overall mission direction and the personal involvement and/or interest of members of our church. We encourage you to contribute to as many as you are able. Write the amount you would like to contribute to each on your pledge card.

International Advance

Women’s HIV/AIDS Clinic

This fund supplies the clinic in Meru, Kenya with the means to treat and educate HIV/AIDS patients.

Honduras Children’s Scholarship

This fund provides uniforms and school supplies for needy children in Honduras.

Disaster Relief Projects(UMCOR)

Hunger Commission

This CUMC group raises and distributes funds to provide relief, refugee aid and rehabilitation in the area of hunger worldwide. UMCOR is the primary channel through which these funds are sent to relieve hunger.

National Advance

Henderson Settlement at Red Bird Mission in Frakes, Kentucky

This fund meets basic health and educational needs in this poverty-stricken region.

Northern Illinois Advance


This organization serves 3,500 children and families through group homes, foster care, child care, the teaching of parenting skills for at-risk mothers, tutoring and advocacy programs. One of their homes is in Naperville on Sleight St.

District Advance

Hesed House

This fund supports and provides transitional housing and meals for the homeless.

Habitat for Humanity

This is a nonprofit housing organization working in Aurora. Our members have helped them build four houses that provide shelter for needy families who also contribute their time to the project. Habitat’s vision is of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Local Projects


DuPage Public Action to Deliver Shelter provides food and shelter for our area’s homeless each Sunday evening at CUMC, September through May.

Katharine Manor

This Naperville facility helps physically disabled people become independent by providing housing and assisting them with personal care. Funds are also provided for adaptive devices.

Mission Trips

Each year CUMC organizes local, national and even international mission trips. Financial support is much needed.

Refugee Support

The United States High Commissioner for Refugees estimates the number of refugees, asylum-seekers and internally displaced people around the world has topped 65 million. This committee seeks to improve the lives of local refugees.


This faith-based mental health center offers counseling both for individuals and families.

Little Friends

This is a private, non-profit organization serving children and adults with developmental disabilities. Based in Naperville, it operates 11 programs including three alternative schools, family support and consultation services, vocational training programs and community-based residential services.

Loaves and Fishes

The mission of this organization is to provide food and leadership in the community by uniting and mobilizing resources to empower people to be self-sufficient.

Prison Ministries

This new initiative raises the awareness of the parolees’ situation by collecting gently used clothes for their interviewing with employers. Money donated will help pay for cleaning and transporting these clothes to the prisons of the State of Illinois. To date over 20,200 items have been delivered to the 33 prisons scattered across the state.

Greatest Need

The Mission Committee administers this fund to provide for critical needs in the global, national and local mission arenas.