Holy Days

Christmas and Easter are special to every Christian. At Community UMC we believe in the spirit of these special holidays. Every year the Missions team identifies a current global issue to sponsor for each of the two holidays. We select one local, one national, and one international program that relate to this issue and provide education and coordination for these special appeals.

Our Easter 2007 offering focused on children, supportingNothing But Nets, which fights malaria by distributing treated mosquito nets in Africa and elsewhere; ChildServ,which has been helping vulnerable children and their families in the Chicago area for over 112 years; and the UMC’s Children’s Fund for Christian Mission, which provides resources and support for ministries that help children care for others.

Our Christmas 2007 offering went to ministries of healing. One-third of the offering supported the efforts of Lahi and Yema Luhahi at Kenya Methodist University, and their expansion of a clinic offering healing to persons with HIV/AIDS. One-third went to the Red Bird Clinic in eastern Kentucky, offering medical, dental, and supplemental health care to the indigent and working poor since 1922. And one-third went to the DuPage Community Clinic, which ministers to the needs of the working poor and homeless of DuPage county.