Celebration of Wisdom

Each year, our congregation sets aside one day for a Wisdom Celebration. Those members of our congregation who are or will become 90 years of age or older are recognized during this worship service. The entire congregation is invited to attend, meet them and their families, hear their life stories and sing their favorite hymns. Don’t miss this annual celebration service which has been going on for over 10 years.

Click on the photos for a full screen version and to see those smiles!

2022 Celebration

[Left to Right: Fran Rice, Howard Smucker, Carrol Lankenau, Carol Stibbe,
Jim Stein, Marty Schwab, Don McFee, Bob Kinsman, Pastor Hannah]

2019 Celebration

Back Row [left to right]: Pastor Jeremiah, Pat Shanower, Bob Kinsman,
Paul Edwards, Don McFee, Pastor Hannah
Front Row [left to right]: Audrey Murr, Elmer Schirmer, Howard Smucker,
Jim Stein, Kendall Albert, Harris Fawell
Not in Attendance: Myrtle Bensema, Vernette Heim, Dwight Hollonbeck
Rita Kronenbitter, Dave Spiegler, Genevieve Spiegler

2018 Celebration

[picture of our 90+ folks; names below the photo]
Front Row (L to R): Rita Kronenbitter, Ken Albert, Dwight Hollonbeck, Audrey Murr, Isabelle Bartel
Back Row (L to R): Pastor Hannah Chong, Genevieve Spiegler, Dave Spiegler, Pat Shanower, Pastor Jeremiah Lee.
Rita Kutterberg & Janet Tannenbaum

2017 Celebration

Genevieve & Dave Spiegler
Kendall & Loretta Albert

2013 Celebration

Vince Hurd, Don Shanower, Pearl Thoman, Irene Schindel, Myrtle Bensema

2012 Celebration

Isabelle Bartel, Helen Sackville, Louise Hyman, Pearl Thoman, Vince Hurd, Don Shanower, Myrtle Bensema

2011 Celebration

Myrtle Bensema, Vince Hurd, Helen Sackville, Pearl Thoman, Irene Schindel, Louise Hyman (seated)

2010 Celebration

Marjorie Fue, Pearl Thoman, Isabelle Bartel, Myrtle Bensema, Irene Schindel, George Bradshaw, Marguerite Carter, Vince Hurd

2009 Celebration

Top Row: Sally McFaul
Front (L to R): June Shiffler, Olive Hadden, Pearl Thoman, Myrtle Bensema, George Bradshaw, Irene Schindel, Judy Allen and in the pink sweater is Judy’s mom Marian Olsen.
Seated in front at the right: Louise Hyman