We are making Public Theologians
for the transformation of the world.



– A person centered in the rich history of the church who looks to bring their faith and understanding of God in a practical way, with a modern understanding, to the world around us.

Our youth group has redefined what it means to be a disciple; we make public theologians.  Being a public theologian is all about taking your faith public and bringing the message of Christ to those around us in ways that promote light, love and life.  We do this by ACTIVATING our faith through the reading and study of scripture and how it relates to everything around us; from comics to being in service to others.  We then ENGAGE the issues of our community and other communities by seeing what the God is calling us to do and by seeing what it is others could use our help for.  We then enter into conversation with those who need out shoulder and discern how we can be of service.  Then we make an IMPACT and act by getting involved; from marches to work trips; from feeding to collecting; from showing up to raising awareness, we do all of this with aIMG_5244 “Think Christ” attitude.

Want to join us?  We meet every Sunday at 9:45am for our Sunday School Program, Dive, and 12:30pm for Youth Group.  We also have a variety of Small groups that meet throughout the week.





We raised awareness and changed lives.  #homelessnomore


gallery_sos_2016Help us raise awareness for and end homelessness.

All donations can be made by check and or online.                           Checks: please make the out to CUMC, memo: Sleep Out


October Recap

Last month was a very busy month for all of us in YF.  We had our beloved Dungeons and Dragons (14642193_10207942417740339_8398816850156984602_nDnD) Gaming group croplogostart back up after a long summer off.  We took our first fun trip with “Nerd Squad”, our pop culture/comics and God small group, to Grahm Cracker Comics in Downtown Chicago and we wrote, recorded and presented our “We are Called” ministry video.  We also kicked off our first field trip EVER in YF with our visit to the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institue Museum.  We also were excited to take some time and raise money and walk for a great cause,  CROP WALK.  We raised over $500 and had more than 6 youth walkers. It was a busy, busy month.

Things to talk about with your young person……

How God uses and how we find God in pop and comic culture?

(Sit and engage your young person on where and if they see God in comic, pop culture or just everyday encounters.  A great example I always use is Dr. Who.  There are a ton of parallels to be made with use and our walk with God and Dr. Who and the series.  If your te14718880_10209740045171040_7562933954327843_nen is a Dr. follower, talk about identity.  Ask them “who are you” and what defines you”.  Then touch on how t14572347_1322383854463114_2147303134158994078_nhe cool thing about Dr. Who is all 13 personifications all share the same memories, emotions and past.  Use that to talk about how what defines you today or the past you are making, may not define you later on in life. You can do this with any pop culture/comic culture character you feel comfortable with and or fits your family unit.)



September Recap


YF is back to its regular weekly meetings!!!!! YAY!!!!!

This month was a bit more relaxed.   We kicked it off with a bang and followed that with a great, self-care, youth retreat where  we learned about prayer, meditation, and fasting.

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