Kenya 2018 or Bust…

Kenya 2018

Our Youth Program (YF) does an annual Work/Mission Trip to a destination that we have picked, normally around the Continental United States.  In 2018, we have chosen to take the call to serve others and head for an 11 day trip to Kenya.  This trip will focus on being in service to others fulfilling their need and not what the Kenya_flag_mapworld has decided they need.

Since the trip is being planned so far into the future, some details are still being planned.  However, we do know the following; on this trip we will either be working/residing in one of two options.

  1. Staying and working in Nairobi at a UMC Facility.
  2. Staying and working in a village, providing a service they have requested we provide. I.e. irrigation systems, public facility etc.

This trip will be open to all Sr. Higher(s) and College aged Alumni of the Community YF Program.  This trip will be planned through us, via UMVIM and the U.N.

There will be a stay behind, on-site coordinator who will be in charge of keeping all families who have young people/adults on the trip updated as to the whereabouts and happenings on the trip.



  1. Each Sr. High Youth who wants to attend must have 2 Mission/Work Trips completed prior to Kenya.
  2. Must register prior to Jan 29th, 2017 and pay non-refundable $50 deposit.
  3. Must complete all fundraising hours for that YF Year.
  4.  Vaccines: (Vaccination Card must be turned in to YF Leaders by Feb. 1, 2018)
    1. Yellow Fever  Jan.  2018
    2. Malaria  Start Feb. 2018
    3. Hep. A  & Tetanus Jan. 2018
    4. Polio & Diphtheria Jan. 2018
    5. Meningitis & TB Jan. 2018
  5. Passport: (A copy must be turned in to YF Leaders by Feb. 1, 2018)
  6. Your Passport must have 7 months left on it as of July 1, 2018.


*If you want to go a $50, nonrefundable, deposit is due January 2017.  A payment schedule has been made and will be sent to all who have paid the deposit.*